Here Is a Smattering of What I Have Done

Hi. I am a self-taught artist with about forty solid years of experience (that’s right, I have been drawing in some way or another since early childhood). Over the years, I have dabbled in watercolor and acrylic painting, sculpture, mural work, pen and ink, and graphite drawing of subjects ranging from human to animal to scenery. Lately, my focus has been digital illustration. It is my joy.

I have enjoyed working on textbooks, book covers, multiple projects with reason interactive (fun fact: I made the TED Talk conference mascot, Gigi), and with a cold case report for a news station in Atlanta. Our team won an Associated Press Award for best multi-platform coverage and a national Edward R. Murrow award for innovation. I drew the graphic novel accompanying the story! This one right here:

Please enjoy my little gallery which contains images that have been published, and ones that I have done for fun and practice, tangible arts first.

And here, please enjoy my small selection of recent arts I have done using my laptop and a little wacom tablet.

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